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Stages Dash L50 Cycling Computer

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It’’s brighter. It’’s easier to use. And it’’s smarter. Welcome to the new Stages Dash L50, featuring a brilliant full color EverBrite™ screen, cycling-specific maps with navigation and course elevation profile, and a full assortment of training and workout features suitable for first-year riders and seasoned pros alike. With ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity you can pair Dash to almost any device and the screen is easily configured to display any combination of data you prefer, in either landscape or portrait mode. The Dash is backed up by an all-new Stages LINK app for setup, wireless ride file transfers, on-screen text and phone notifications and comprehensive ride data analysis and training history, all for free. Compared to the Dash M50, the L50 features a larger screen, more data fields (up to 16) and a larger battery for extended runtime. 


Dash will notify you when cars are approaching from behind, how many, how fast they’re going and where they are relative to you. A blue car in a yellow strip means there’s a car back. As it gets close to your position, the strip turns red. If the car is traveling 20mph+ faster than your current speed, the car icon will also be displayed in red. Know more. Worry less.


The new Stages Dash M50 and L50 GPS computers feature a new high resolution, low power consumption, full-color screen. There’s an auto-brightness/dimming mode that’ll give you optimal visibility in all light conditions as well as user-defined brightness. Everbrite™ makes it easy to see your data at a glance and keep your eyes on the road or trail.


Dash is the only computer with cycling-specific maps that highlight critically important information—like color-coded roads, trails, bike paths and bike routes that are good to ride, so you can steer clear of busy roads and expressways with no shoulder. You’ll also see points of interest like bathrooms, bike shops, cafes and pubs. Dash is compatible with .FIT, .GXP and TCX files from RidewithGPS, MapMyRide, Strava and others, and you can also build routes via the Stages LINK course builder and get an elevation profile showing current position and how steep the next climb is. Never again be fooled by “just one more easy climb.”


Whether you’re a world class athlete with a coach or a weekend warrior with a dream, Stages Dash is the perfect training partner. Color-coded heart rate and power zones help you quickly gauge effort at a glance, and Dash comes pre-loaded with dozens of intuitive, graph and text-based workouts, or you can upload any .FIT or .GPX file. Upload your post-ride files to Stages LINK or other 3rd party apps like TrainingPeaks or Strava to analyze your effort and plan your next session. Or with Stages Adaptive Zones you can just hit start and get to training, and Dash will do the rest.



Display Size:

2.75" (68mm) measured diagonally 

 Overall dimensions:

85mm wide x 73mm tall x 20mm depth (landscape) 


126 grams 

 Satellite Network:



Lightweight aluminum (22 grams) low profile 31.8mm out-front bar mount included; others available as accessories 


Rechargeable LiPO (USB) 

 Battery Life:

Up to 14 hours real world runtime with backlight at 30% screen brightness 

 Waterproof Rating:



iOS 9.3 including iPhone 4S and newer; Android 6.0+ (Bluetooth Smart) 

 File compatibility:


 Recording interval:



audio and visual, user selectable 

 Data transfer:

USB and Bluetooth 

 Sensor Compatibility

ANT+ and Bluetooth Speed/cadence, Heartrate and power meter sensor 


On unit or Stages Link App 


On unit, Link App, or Link website