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"Fulcrum Red Zone 7 29" Set" hefur verið sett í körfuna þína.

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Fulcrum Red Zone 7 29" Set

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Fulcrum Red Zone 7 29" Set

Vörunúmer: RZ7-18DFR52A

Tegund: HH15/100 + Kit QR

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Red Zone 7 wheels are designed for mountain biking and are an introduction to the Fulcrum world, hence they have the character and key features that every wheel must have in order to be approved and added to the catalogue.

Reliable and genuine, these wheels are meticulously built and able to adapt to the most varied contexts. Red Zone 7s are aluminium Cross Country-Marathon wheels that perform well both as training wheels or when alternated with racing wheelsets. They are also ideal for those who are becoming acquainted with mountain biking and want to put their best foot forward.