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"Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon" hefur verið sett í körfuna þína.

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Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon

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Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon

Vörunúmer: R0-18CFRBCS

Tegund: C17 HG11

Nánari upplýsingar hér! 

When this wheel came onto the market it marked a massive innovation in the field of low-profile wheels.
What is innovative about the Racing Zero Carbon? The concept: carbon and aluminum blended together to form a unique combination. It has frequently been praised as “super stiff, sturdy and having razor-sharp precision", thanks to the aluminum spokes, and lightweight rim. 

The aim of Fulcrum's R&D department was clear and perhaps seen as a given: the character is not to be touched but the performance can be improved.

The rim's standard measurements have stayed the same: 30 mm in height with a 17C groove that is a perfect fit for the 25 mm clincher tire. Twill carbon has been used plus AC3™ technology for improved braking. 

The Racing Zero Carbon is an improved version of our classic Racing Zero. For those in search of the ultimate riding experience.