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Cube Shoes RD Sydrix Pro

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Cube Shoes RD Sydrix Pro

Stiff road shoe with a glass fibre outsole and disc closure that moulds the shoe securely to the foot like a second skin for an outstanding fit. The CUBE Anti-Slip System also keeps the heel firmly in place so not a single drop of power goes to waste. Other clever details include a reinforced toe box, a tongue shield for optimum pressure distribution and the replaceable heel studs. The dirt-repellent upper is easy to clean, while great ventilation comes courtesy of the breathable tongue. The stylish asymmetrical design is rounded off with reflective heel details for added safety.

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Vörunúmer: 17099

Litur: White

Tegund: Race

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  • disc closure
  • Natural Fit performance moulding
  • Natural Fit insole
  • CUBE Anti-Slip System
  • reinforced toe box
  • replaceable heel studs
  • clipless-ready, glass fibre outsole
  • dirt-resistant upper
  • ventilated tongue
  • asymmetrical design
  • reflective heel detail
  • stiffness index: 9

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