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Cube Shoes ATX Loxia Pro

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A stylish all-terrain shoe with sophisticated disc closure fastening and a great fit thanks to ergonomically optimised CUBE Natural Fit performance moulding and insole. Clever features such as the easy pull-on system and lace holder make life in the saddle easier, while the anti-slip rubber outsole is compatible with clipless pedal systems and keeps a firm foothold both on and off the bike. The hard-wearing upper and reinforced toe box keep feet well protected, while great ventilation comes courtesy of vents and mesh panels. Reflective heel details improve safety in low-light conditions.

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Vörunúmer: 17090
Litur: Blackline
Tegund: Skór
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  • easy pull-on system
  • anti-slip rubber outsole suitable for clipless pedals
  • vents and mesh construction for optimised air flow
  • reflective heel detail
  • stiffness index: 5
  • weight: 469 g
  • disc closure
  • Natural Fit performance moulding
  • Natural Fit insole
  • durable upper
  • reinforced toe box